NFL Sends Memo Telling Teams To Not Contact AAF Players For Now

The Alliance of American Football officially suspended football operations on Tuesday. 

The AAF’s sudden decision stunned coaches and players with two weeks left in the regular season.

Players were reportedly told to pay for their own flights home and are now being forced to take care of their own medical bills. It’s a complete mess.

For some players, there’s still hope that they might land on an NFL roster for training camp and compete for a roster spot.

According to Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports, the NFL has sent out a memo telling teams to hold off on contacting former AAF players.

According to Paylor, it’s standard procedure, as the NFL is being proactive to prevent the possibility of litigation. NFL teams aren’t allowed to contact players in other leagues. and while the AAF suspended operations, it hasn’t officially folded. Until that happens, NFL teams have been told to hold off.

Former AAF players like Charles Johnson (687 receiving yards), Jayrone Elliott (7.5 sacks), Trent Richardson (11 TDs), Nick Rose (14-14 FGs) and plenty others showed off their abilities during the 8 weeks of play. 

For the time being, until the AAF settles its current situation, they’ll all have to wait.

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