Randy Gregory Is Running Out Of Patience

Cowboys pass-rusher Randy Gregory missed the entire 2019 season while indefinitely suspended.

He wants to get back in the league and is waiting to get reinstated. His patience is running low. 

Gregory took to Twitter to update people on the situation.

“I really miss playing football and being a player in the NFL,” Gregory said. “I’m doing everything that is asked of me, and I’m in great shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, but I’m being held back from furthering my career because of COVID and testing. I’ve been ready to play and test for months but still have gotten little to no help to resolve my reinstatement. I’m asking more questions than I’m getting answered. It’s amazing that the powers that be can keep passing the buck and also use this pandemic as a way to prevent me from joining my team. Telling me to just sit and wait in limbo over things I can’t control, all the while doing everything right off the field is unfair and flat out wrong.”

Gregory is serving his fourth suspension for violation of the NFL’s substances of abuse policy. His last game came in Week 17 of 2018.

Under terms of the new collective bargaining agreement, players can no longer be suspended for a positive test for marijuana, but because he was penalized under the old system he would still need to be welcomed back by commissioner Roger Goodell. 

The Cowboys signed Aldon Smith earlier this offseason after he was reinstated by the league. Gregory hopes to get the same news soon.

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