Vic Fanio Admits He Made Mistake Not Using His TImeouts

Broncos coach Vic Fangio is second-guessing his decision not to use his timeouts on Monday night.

With all three timeouts still in his pocket, Fangio watched from the sideline as the Titans marched down the field and converted a game-winning field goal.

Fangio spoke on Tuesday morning and admitted that he could’ve handled the situation better.

“I should’ve called timeout there, I missed that one,” Fangio said to Dave Logan & Rick Lewis in Denver.

Tennessee drove down the field on a 13-play, 90-yard drive that began with 3:05 left on the clock. The Titans entered the Broncos’ red zone on a 13-yard run by Derrick Henry with 1:28 left to play, and Fangio elected not to use his timeouts.

Two plays later, Stephen Gostkowski made a 25-yard field goal to put the Titans ahead.

With only 17 seconds, the Broncos got to their own 43 and that’s where the game ended.

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