2020 Cap Space For All 32 NFL Teams

  • Last updated on 2/25/20
  • 2020 NFL cap space will be between $196.8M and $201.2M. Official number will be announced in a few weeks.
  • Numbers continue to change as signings, cuts, restructures, etc. occur. 
  • Numbers are via OverTheCap

  1. Dolphins: $88M
  2. Colts: $86M
  3. Bills: $82M
  4. Bucs: $80M
  5. Cowboys: $77M
  6. Broncos: $70M
  7. Browns: $62M
  8. Giants: $61.8M
  9. Texans: $61.2M
  10. Redskins: $61M
  11. Lions: $52M
  12. Seahawks: $51.5M
  13. Titans: $50.4M
  14. Raiders: $50.2M
  15. Jets: $49.6M
  16. Chargers: $49M
  17. Bengals: $44.8M
  18. Eagles: $44.5M
  19. Patriots: $41.6M 
  20. Cardinals: $39.7M
  21. Panthers: $34.5M
  22. Ravens: $30M
  23. Bears: $25M
  24. Packers: $24M
  25. Jaguars: $21M 
  26. Rams: $14.7M 
  27. Chiefs: $13.7M 
  28. 49ers: $13M
  29. Saints: $9M
  30. Falcons: $4.3M
  31. Steelers: $1.5M
  32. Vikings: $1.3M
  • This post will continue to update as teams make moves. For example, the Panthers could save close to $10M in cap space by moving on from Dontari Poe. The Saints could save $11.25M by moving on from Janoris Jenkins.

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