Stop The Hypotheticals: Deshaun Watson Is Not Getting Traded

By Ari Meirov

Speculation started to mount this morning that quarterback Deshaun Watson has spoken to some teammates and could possibly request a trade from the Houston Texans.

It’s without a doubt a juicy storyline that many people jumped on to get retweets and to get clicks. The hypothetical trade offers started to flow in minutes later. And then we got all the jersey swaps.

The story was carefully worded and at no point does the story say Watson will request a trade or the Texans would honor a trade if Watson requests one. All the story mentions is Watson could potentially ask for a trade.

The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, who probably knows the Texans better than anyone else, reports that there is no chance they move Watson. 

Under no circumstances will the Texans trade Watson, and even if he does ask, he’s not going anywhere,” McClain wrote.

McClain then doubled-down on Twitter: “I’ve got a better chance of becoming the Texans’ new head coach than Deshaun Watson has of being traded,” McClain tweeted.

There’s no hiding that the Texans have had some dysfunction over the last few years.

But Watson signed a 4-year, $156,000,000 contract with the Texans before the start of this past season. He signed that contract after the DeAndre Hopkins trade and he signed that contract knowing the Texans won’t have a first or second round pick in 2021.

The Texans just hired Nick Caserio, who is widely respected, as their next general manager. Watson hasn’t even met the guy.

Watson also doesn’t know yet who will be the next Texans coach. Reports during the season indicated that Watson will be involved in the process, but we haven’t gotten any indication on if that is the case. The Texans have not interviewed Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who many thought would be the ideal head coach for Watson.

Watson has voiced his displeasure with the team. After Sunday’s season finale, Watson said the Texans needed a strong head coach who could change the culture.

“We need a whole culture shift,” Watson said. “We need new energy. We need discipline. We need structure. We need a leader so we can follow that leader as players. I’m not sure what exactly the ownership wants to do, but whoever it is has got to come in with a great structure and plan and making sure we’re accountable for every action. We’re all striving to go for one goal, and that’s raising that trophy.”

Watson also put out a cryptic tweet after the Texans hired Caserio, saying: “Some things never change …” Watson later deleted the tweet and some believe it was in response to the Jacob Blake ruling in Wisconsin and not the Caserio hiring.

Nevertheless, Caserio didn’t take the job to trade the most valuable asset the Texans have. He’s signed through 2025 and the only reason the Texans job might even appealing to some is because he’s the quarterback.

Watson is coming off an incredible statistical season with 4,823 passing yards, 33 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and a 70% completion percentage. He isn’t going anywhere.

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