Jim Irsay Has A Goal Of Winning Three Consecutive Super Bowls

The Colts are one of the NFLs hottest up-and-coming teams. With a talented GM-HC tandem running the show and a roster stacked with young talent, owner Jim Irsay is thinking big.

Back in February, Irsay said in order to be the GOAT you need to win 3 consecutive championships.

Irsay’s goal with the Colts? Win 3 consecutive championships.

“I really feel like this is a young team that’s ascending,” Irsay said. “You guys know, I will unabashedly say, I’d like to win three in a row. How hard is it? I mean, it’s hard as hell just to win one.”

Seven teams have won back-to-back Super Bowls. No team has ever had three consecutive and it would be awfully difficult to do in today’s NFL.

Thinking big is cool, but this might be too much.

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