Episode 39: 2020 Football Preview with Warren Sharp

Ari previews some of the biggest storylines for the 2020 season with Warren Sharp, who takes a deep dive into some of the numbers and trends around the league. Warren also discussed how he got into doing all of this and how long it takes him to put together his jam-packed 2020 Football Preview book.

5:13 – Titans decision to pay Derrick Henry and why Warren disagrees with paying running backs

8:26 – Is Christian McCaffrey an exception?

11:41 – Will the Cam Newton / Patriots experiment work?

15:09 – What has made the Patriots so different for so long?

17:35 – Which teams in the NFL are analytically driven?

19:21 – Which teams are not?

21:23 – Expectations for Baker Mayfield and the Browns in 2020

26:53 – Packers regression coming in 2020?

31:23 – Team/players to be concerned with in 2020

33:55 – Will no fans impact games?

37:50 – Which teams that didn’t make postseason in 2019, will in 2020?

40:26 – How did Warren start with all that he does?

43:57 – Working with teams in the NFL and why not do that full-time?

46:25 – How long does it take to put together his 350-page ‘2020 Football Preview’ book?

49:02 – Weekly quick 5 questions to wrap it up.

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