Panthers Selected Terrace Marshall At No. 59 After Hearing Saints Wanted Him At No. 60

By Ari Meirov

Last year, the Saints traded back into the seventh-round to select Mississippi State QB Tommy Stevens after they heard he had a deal in place to sign as an undrafted free agent with the Panthers.

The Panthers got payback this year.

According to Panthers team writer Darin Gantt, the team had their eyes on LSU receiver Terrace Marshall and BYU offensive tackle Brady Christensen when they were on the clock at No. 59.

With offensive linemen flying off the board, they were leaning towards taking Christensen at No. 59 and then trading back up to get Marshall. But the front office got a tip that the Saints were planning to take Marshall at No. 60, and the Panthers changed plans and instead took Marshall at No. 59.

The Saints ended up taking Ohio State linebacker Pete Werner at No. 60, while the Panthers still ended up getting Christensen by trading up to No. 70.

We’ll probably never know who told the Panthers what the Saints were planning to do, and we’ll probably never know if that was actually the Saints plan.

But this is another inside look at the lengths teams go to to find intel on what’s going on around the league. Teams always go the extra mile to find bits and pieces – especially if it involves a division rival.

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