Reggie Wayne Thinks Peyton Manning Could Be A ‘Jerry Jones’ Type NFL Owner

Over the weekend, rumors swirled that the Jets wanted Peyton Manning for their open GM position.

That rumor has since been shot down by numerous outlets, including ESPN and NFL Network.

Former Colts WR Reggie Wayne, who spent 11 seasons with Manning, said on NFL Network that he doesn’t believe Manning wants to work for an NFL owner. Wayne thinks Manning wants to be an NFL owner.

“General Manager?? Absolutely not,” Wayne said. “You think Peyton Manning would give an owner an opportunity to fire him or have a head coach back stab him and throw shade and get him fired? He would not allow that. What I do see him doing is being an owner. I see him being an owner somewhere down the line. That’s more of a Peyton Manning move.”

Wayne thinks once Manning is an owner, that’s when he’ll also be the general manager.

“I think he’ll be the new, modern Jerry Jones,” Wayne said.

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