Report: Chargers, Giants, Dolphins Are Teams To Watch For Josh Rosen

The NFL Draft is this Thursday and all eyes are on the Arizona Cardinals and the No. 1 overall pick.

If the Cardinals take Kyler Murray (which most people expect), Josh Rosen would likely get shipped off. 

While talking about this year’s draft class on his podcast, Adam Schefter mentioned that there are three primary landing spot options for Josh Rosen.

“The New York Giants, the Miami Dolphins and the Los Angeles Chargers,” Schefter said.

Schefter went on to say that the price for Rosen depends on how many teams have interest in trading for Rosen. If two or more teams bid for Rosen, it could end up being a first-rounder. Otherwise, Arizona would likely be looking at a second-rounder.

Schefter also notes that Rosen has a favorable contract which teams might covet. Any team that trades for Rosen would only pay him $1.2M in 2019, $1.9M in 2020, $2.9M in 2021 and then there’s a fifth-year team option in 2022. The Cardinals have already paid all of Rosen’s bonus money.

The Giants have picks 6, 17 and 37. The Dolphins pick 13 and 48. Chargers have 28 and 60. 

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