Process Of Elimination: Who’s Still In On Antonio Brown?

The Steelers have been trying to trade star WR Antonio Brown and reportedly told teams to get the best offers in by Friday. 

After the insane late night drama between the Steelers and Bills, Pittsburgh is back looking for a suitor.

Albert Breer of the MMQB reported this morning that there are “very few options left” for the Steelers and Brown after what happened with Buffalo. 

Will teams that were out come back in to check if the price went down? 

A lot of factors go into making a trade happen. Some teams don’t want to give up a valuable draft pick. Others don’t need a WR. Some won’t want to deal with the distraction. And there will be teams who don’t want to pay that much for a 30-year old WR.

So who’s interested in making a deal? Lets take a look at all the other 31 teams and start eliminating some.

Ravens: Pittsburgh is unlikely to trade with a division rival. 

Browns: Pittsburgh is unlikely to trade with a division rival. 

Bengals: Pittsburgh is unlikely to trade with a division rival.  

Patriots: Pittsburgh is unlikely to trade with their biggest rival outside of their division.

Jets: They checked in with Pittsburgh, but are reportedly out of the mix now.

Bills: They talked to the Steelers and had interest. Trade fell through when AB indicated he wouldn’t report to Buffalo.

Dolphins: Miami is entering a rebuild and won’t trade for a 30-year old WR.

Jaguars: Financially it would be difficult and they’re not into paying big money to receivers.

Texans: They have Hopkins and have to spend money on other pieces (Mathieu, Clowney)

Titans: Tennessee was one of three teams involved early but ESPN reported on Thursday that they are now out.

Colts: They could easily make it work financially and have extra picks but AB is not the type of player GM Chris Ballard wants.

Broncos: They checked in but are not interested.

Chiefs: Tyreek Hill is their No. 1 guy and he’s set to get a monster deal. Not to mention KC will eventually have to pay big bucks to Dee Ford, Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes.

RaidersOakland has been involved from the start. They have 3 first-round picks and an early second rounder to play with. Financially it wouldn’t be a problem.

Chargers: Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are locked in as their WRs.

Giants: WR is the last problem the Giants have.

Eagles: Howie Roseman checks in on everything but the Eagles are reportedly out on AB. Also can’t imagine Pittsburgh sending AB to Philly.

Redskins: They have a new QB in Case Keenum but ESPN reported Thursday that they won’t go after AB.

Cowboys: They got Cooper and have a bunch of guys to pay. Nope.

Vikings: Have Thielen and Diggs. 

Bears: No chance.

LionsHaven’t heard much out of Detroit but Matt Patricia doesn’t sound like the HC Brown would play for. I won’t officially rule them out.

PackersThey have 2 first-round picks. Rodgers, AB and Adams would be fun. ESPN reported they were in. NFL Network said they’re out. It remains unclear so lets keep them in for now just to be safe.

Falcons: They have Julio (who wants an updated deal) and other big names need to get paid (Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones)

Bucs: They’re fairly set at WR with Evans, Chris Godwin and probably DeSean Jackson.

PanthersThis could be the mystery team that no one is talking about. New owner David Tepper knows AB and the Steelers well. They can use a legitimate No. 1 guy.

Saints: ESPN reported Thursday that the Saints are out. Not shocking.

Cardinals: Definitely an intriguing option but the Cardinals are reportedly out.

Rams: Les Snead is always hungry to make moves but the Rams are set at WR. Woods, Cooks and Kupp is enough.

49ersAB wants to go there. They could use a No. 1 WR.

Seahawks: They have to pay Frank Clark and Russell Wilson is waiting on a monster extension. Can’t see it happening.

Based off the results…The destinations that just couldn’t get crossed off:

49ers, Raiders, Panthers, Packers and Lions. 

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