Quincy Enunwa Calls Out The Jets

The Jets season has not gone as expected and things continue to get worse. From Sam Darnold having mono to Jamal Adams’ frustration about being in trade talks, the season has been a disaster.

But there’s more. There was also the feud between the team and offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele. The Jets felt that Osemele could have played through his shoulder injury, but Osemele said that he needed the surgery. The Jets fined Osemele for his failure to practice with the team and eventually cut him. 

Now another injured player is calling out the team. Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa was fined $27,900 (the max amount) for missing treatment on his injured neck. Enunwa claims he missed two days of treatment because he took his wife (a veteran) out for a Veterans Day Lunch and had a house emergency. 

It seems excessive to fine a player for missing treatment. This is just another bad look for the Jets and it could come to bite when players consider them in free agency.

Enunwa signed a four-year extension worth up to $36M at the end of last season. He’s been hampered by injuries throughout his career, but when healthy, he’s been productive. In 41 career games, he has 119 catches for 1,617 yards and five touchdowns. Besides for blasting the team, Enunwa also revealed that he only has a 50/50 chance of playing again in the NFL due to his neck injuries.

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