Report: Coaches Planning To Push The Idea Of Having A “Sky Judge” Added To Each Officiating Crew

The officiating in the NFL remains a problem and coaches around the league want change.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Postcoaches plan to push the idea of having a “sky judge” added to each officiating crew.

A sky judge, stationed in the press box at each game, would be a video official who is empowered to overturn obviously erroneous on-field calls.

Coaches tried unsuccessfully last offseason to implement the idea and the league office and the NFL’s officiating crews remain skeptical of the idea, according to Maske.

One problem cited by the league last offseason was finding enough qualified video officials to fill prospective sky judge jobs. Currently, replay rulings are made by members of the NFL’s officiating department, headed by Al Riveron, stationed in New York, in consultation with the video official and the on-field referee at the game.

The AAF had a Sky Judge in their league, as shown below:

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