John Harbaugh Thinks The Draft Should Be Earlier In The Offseason

The NFL Draft is in under four weeks. It’s easily one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for NFL fans. 

The timing of the event has been questioned by fans in the past and now a coach is bringing it up as well.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh thinks the draft should be earlier in the offseason.

“I think the draft should be earlier, sooner,” Harbaugh said, via the Boston Globe. “We don’t need to be so involved where we need three months to watch the players ourselves. Let’s draft these guys, let’s get them to us.”

“And let’s be honest, they’re all coming. Nobody’s taking their last semester of school. You want to get in the real world here? Let’s understand that that’s how it works. Because they end up graduating a high percentage of the time we get them, anyway, because we make sure they do. Let’s help them, but let’s not have them worried about running 40 times. Let’s get them working on football so they can contribute their first couple of years.”

An even bigger problem in the NFL is that coaches want to spent more time with their rookies. Teams with new head coaches can begin their offseason programs this Monday (4/1/19). The rest of the league can officially start April 15th.

That means some rookies will be a month behind getting into the NFL life and delving into an NFL playbook.

The NBA has their draft before free agency.

There have been no rumblings of any potential change to future draft dates. The topic was never brought up during the owner meetings in Arizona and is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

This year’s NFL Draft will be in Nashville and is scheduled for April 25-27.

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