Report: Current Plan Is For Washington To Keep Burgundy And Gold Color Scheme

The Washington Redskins are not expected to be the Redskins for that much longer.

Last Friday, the club announced they were undergoing a “thorough review” of the team’s name. 

And information now is starting to flow in on what changes are expected to be made.

Washington is “planning to have no Native American imagery,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported.

However, the team is planning on keeping its popular burgundy and gold color scheme, according to ESPN’s John Keim.

The recent national debate over racism renewed calls for the franchise to change the name, and sponsors started mounting their own pressure.

FedEx, whose name is on the team’s stadium, said, “We have communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name.” Nike removed all Redskins gear from its online store. Pepsi issued a statement asking for a change.

Ron Rivera recently said “it would be awesome” if we get it done before the season.

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