We Now Know Why Larry Michael Abruptly Retired

The much-anticipated Washington Post article regarding the Washington NFL team has been published, and the details are disturbing.

The report cites 15 different women who say they were sexually harassed while working for the franchise. Among the employees accused is Larry Michael, the team’s radio voice, who abruptly retired on Wednesday after 16 years. Michael was also the team’s senior vice president in charge of content.

Now we know why he left.

One complaint occurred in 2018, when Michael was caught on a hot microphone while taping a video for the team, making inappropriate remarks about an intern.

“It was disgusting,” said one former female employee. “This is a grown man who could be my grandfather, and he’s talking about someone younger than me.”

A female employee complained about the video to the team’s legal department, and a team attorney took the hard drive from the employee. When the hard drive was returned, the file was deleted.

During camp in 2017, Michael saw a young woman from the sponsorship staff walk by and turned to one of his staffers and commented on her “tight a**.”

The Washington Post informed the team about Michael’s conduct and requested an interview with Michael. Hours later, Michael announced his retirement.

The full Washington Post article can be found here.

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