Explaining Why The News Involving The Washington Football Team Has Not Come Out Yet

Everyone is wondering what is this “big news” involving the Washington football team.

Many people on Twitter have asked, “If reporters know it’s bad, why aren’t they giving us details?”

Based off what it sounds like, this isn’t a story that you make one phone call and get all the information. It’s not a story that will fit in one tweet.

This appears to be a story that has been in the works for months. 

Remember the Houston Astros cheating scandal from a few months ago? It took Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich of The Athletic months to put that story together. It was a complex and serious matter that needed time to put together to make sure everything that comes out is 100% accurate. From talking to various people, vetting the information, and eventually putting the bombshell story together.

A few reporters might’ve gotten a tip that something bad is coming out, and they might have the background of the story, but they probably don’t have all the exact details — and that’s why we’re all waiting. There could also be legal implications.

What we do know is that the moves in Washington over the last few weeks have been head scratching time-wise.

On July 5th, the Washington Post reported that minority owners Fred Smith, Dwight Schar and Robert Rothman have been trying to sell their interest in the franchise. 

On Sunday, the team fired Director of pro personnel Alex Santos and assistant Richard Mann II, and on Wednesday longtime broadcaster Larry Michael announced he’s leaving the team after 16 years.

Clearly something is going on, and the expectation is it comes out soon.

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