Hue Jackson On Rumors Seahawks Discussed Russell Wilson For No. 1 Pick: “I’ve Never Heard Anything So Crazy In My Life”

A wild report emerged on Wednesday from Chris Simms of NBC Sports that the Seahawks had discussions with the Browns in 2018 regarding a trade involving Russell Wilson and the No. 1 overall pick in that year’s NFL Draft, which the Browns ended up using on Baker Mayfield. PFT’s Mike Florio added that he was able to confirm the news.

I had a hard time believing it (nothing against Simms or Florio), which is why the news was not published on the MySportsUpdate timeline.

People are thirsty for news, especially now, so other people ran with the story and it ended up being all over the place. 

Hue Jackson, who was the coach of the Browns at the time, told Zach Gelb of CBS Sports that none of this is true.

“I’ve never heard anything so crazy in my life,” Jackson said. “I’m sure John Dorsey and John Schneider are really tight and I’m sure if they’re having conversations on their own and just jiving around and doing those kinds of things. I would think if something was serious about that, we — the executive team — and the organization would have known. I never heard that.”

“I know this is a down time in sports, so everyone is buying every little thing they can talk about. Baker Mayfield has played two seasons for the Cleveland Browns and we’re talking about something that happened two years ago. I know it didn’t happen. It was never brought to my attention. No one on my staff knew anything about it. This is all new news to me.”

A year later, the Seahawks extended Russell Wilson with a record-breaking four-year, $140 million deal. He still stands as the highest paid player in the NFL in terms of average annual salary. His deal also includes a no-trade clause.

Back in November, Wison said he wants to play until he’s 45:

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