Report: ESPN Wants Flex Scheduling For “Monday Night Football”

For the most part during the football season, the marquee game of the week is usually on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

A big reason for that is the flex scheduling system, in which the most compelling matchup can be moved from Sunday afternoon to the prime-time slot on NBC.

The schedule for “Monday Night Football” on ESPN and “Thursday Night Football” on FOX is set in stone when the schedule is released in the spring.

According to Sports Business Journal, ESPN is lobbying the NFL to incorporate flex scheduling into “Monday Night Football” starting in the second half of the season. ESPN has told the NFL that Monday Night Football would then air on ABC if Disney lands the rights.

The NFL’s current Monday Night Football deal with ESPN expires after the 2021 season, and ESPN wants the same flex-scheduling insurance that NBC gets.

Any such change would not be made until new TV deals are agreed upon. So, new flex rules wouldn’t take place until the 2023 season.

The NFL has asked teams for feedback on moving games from Sunday to Monday during the season, according to the report.

Most clubs’ concerns have centered around road trip logistics and expenses, particularly with any potential flex involving “Monday Night Football.” Flights and hotel rooms would have to be booked for an extra day to account for the unknown, or altered at the last minute, which could become exorbitant.

Front Office Sports reported last month that ESPN is eyeing Tony Romo for the Monday Night booth and are prepared to make a large offer.

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