No, Myles Garrett Is Not Being Traded To Seattle

We’ve entered the post-draft and post-schedule release portion of the offseason. Things will now be much quieter around the NFL.

But every year there’s a story that pops up out of nowhere that many on social media start to believe. There was that one offseason when people were saying Bill Belichick was close to trading Rob Gronkowski.

This offseason, there’s a story circulating that Myles Garrett is getting traded to Seattle.

That is not happening.

A random Reddit user went on a local Seattle radio station and said the Seahawks are trading for Myles Garrett. Somehow that made it to Twitter and it started circulating on Monday. According to Seahawks fans, this Reddit user knew about Justin Britt being released before everyone else.

Nonetheless, the Browns are not trading Myles Garrett and the plan is to have him in Cleveland for a very long time.

The Seahawks, however, are in need of pass-rush help and they haven’t closed the door on bringing back Jadeveon Clowney.

If there’s a pass-rusher who might be traded it’s Yannick Ngakoue, but things have been quiet on that end as of late.

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