Tom Brady Calls Out Report That His Relationship With Josh Mcdaniels Was A Reason He Left New England

Tom Brady is the new quarterback of the Bucs and people are still trying to figure out why exactly he decided to leave New England.

Longtime NFL reporter Gary Myers put out a report on Monday that Brady was worn out by offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and wanted more input into the offensive game plan than he was going to have if he stayed in New England.

That report was a bit hard to believe (which is why you didn’t see it on the MySportsUpdate Twitter page).

Tom Brady has now come out and wants it to stop.

Cameras have caught Brady and McDaniels yelling at each other during games, but both have always said that was in the heat of the moment.

McDaniels put out the following statement when Brady left for Tampa:

“Tom has always been genuinely kind and caring to me and my family,” McDaniels said. “Yet at the same time, I have never met anyone as demanding and relentless in his pursuit of improvement, perfection, and championships. His work ethic and drive propelled our offense and our team to perform at the very highest level throughout his career.”

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