NFL Owners Expected To Vote On Draft Pick Incentives For Developing Minority Coaches/Executives

NFL owners are likely to vote on a measure at a league meeting Tuesday that would reward teams for developing minority head coaches or general managers.

According to Peter King of NBC Sports, owners will vote on a proposal that would reward teams whose minority assistant coaches and executives become head coaches and General Managers.

Under the proposal, the team losing the minority coach or executive would receive a third-round compensatory selection in the next two drafts, if the candidate was employed by the former team for 2+ years.

For example, if Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy gets a head-coaching job this offseason with a team, the Chiefs would receive a 3rd-round compensatory pick in 2021 and 2022.

The measure is geared at increasing the ranks of non-interim minority coaches (four) and GMs (two) league-wide.

King adds that the proposal “has a good chance” to pass.

The current proposal does NOT create an incentive for the team that hires a minority GM or coach. Back in May, the NFL considered a proposal by which a team could move up 6 spots in the 3rd-round of the draft for hiring a minority HC and 10 spots in the 3rd-round for hiring a minority GM.

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