Kenny Stills & JJ Watt Show Frustration With Shocking Amy Palcic Firing

By Ari Meirov

The Texans stunned many people in NFL circles this morning when they fired V.P. of communications Amy Palcic because she’s no longer a “cultural fit.”

Palcic, who joined the Texans in 2013, was the only woman in the NFL in charge of a team’s communications department and, with her in charge, the team won the 2017 Pete Rozelle Award, given to the best P.R. staff in the NFL.

Not only was she very accomplished and good at her job, many people also respected her. Those who cover the league and know Amy only had good things to say about her on social media, and the move has also caused players on the Houston Texans to react with frustration and confusion.

“I think you can tell from the universal response from prominent people in the business, what type of person Amy is and how well respected and well liked she is, both inside our building and outside the building,” JJ Watt said. “Extremely professional. Just really good at her job. Cared a lot. Just wants what’s best for the team and what’s best for the organization. Always trying to do what’s best, and was a massive helping hand with me during the hurricane, during my entire time here. So, I think it’s a very difficult loss. She’s an incredible person and I think she’s going to have another job in an absolute heartbeat. I think it’s a big loss for us.

Texans receiver Kenny Stills didn’t talk to the local media, but he made his thoughts clear with the tweets he “liked,” including one tweet which called the Texans “one of the worst organizations in football.”


Stills is in the final year of his contract and was in trade rumors leading up to last week’s deadline. Watt was also in trade rumors and some have speculated if this season might be his last with the team.

Since owner Bob McNair passed away in 2018, the Texans have undergone sweeping changes, including firing general manager Brian Gaine in the summer of 2019, coach/general manager Bill O’Brien a few weeks ago and now Palcic.

Jack Easterby, who has had an unusual path to his current role, is serving as the interim general manager.

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