Roger Goodell Says NFL Will Once Again Consider 4th-and-15 Alternative To Onside Kicks

Last offseason, NFL owneres tabled a proposal that would allow teams to try a 4th-and-15 play in lieu of an onside kick. Teams would line up from their own 25-yard-line and retain possession if they were able to convert for a first down. If they can’t convert, the opposing team would take over from the spot of the dead ball. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said on Tuesday that he expects the proposal to be discussed further in the upcoming offseason.

“It is something we have thought, and many clubs have thought, would be an exciting addition to the game, and something I think merits a lot of discussion,” Goodell told reporters.

Recent rule changes that bar players on the kicking team from taking a running start limited the effectiveness of onside kicks last season and that limited the chances for teams to come from behind late in games.

The 4th-and-15 alternative would give teams a better chance of succeeding, and it would also make games more entertaining. 

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