2021 Cap Space For All 32 NFL Teams

Note: These numbers are approximate. Some free agent signings have not officially been processed yet. 

  • Last updated on 3/21/21
  • 2021 NFL cap space is set at $182.5M.
  • Numbers continue to change as signings, cuts, restructures, etc. occur. 
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  1. Jaguars: $41M
  2. Colts: $37M
  3. Panthers: $31M
  4. Jets: $30.8M
  5. Broncos: $30M
  6. Chargers: $28M
  7. Bengals: $24M
  8. Washington: $21M
  9. Browns: $15M
  10. Titans: $14.5M
  11. Lions: $12.5M 
  12. Ravens: $12.4M
  13. Dolphins: $12M
  14. Cowboys: $11.5M
  15. 49ers: $10.6M
  16. Patriots: $10M
  17. Texans: $8M
  18. Giants: $6.7M
  19. Falcons: $5M
  20. Seahawks: $3.9M
  21. Bears: $3M
  22. Packers: $2.9M
  23. Steelers: $2.8M
  24. Cardinals: $2.1M
  25. Vikings: $1.5M
  26. Bucs: $1.2M
  27. Raiders: $1M
  28. Bills: $620K
  29. Chiefs: $500K
  30. Saints: $400K
  31. Eagles: -$4M [Awaiting restructured contracts to be processed]
  32. Rams: -$5M [Awaiting restructured contracts to be processed]
  • This post will continue to update as teams make moves. 
  • Remember: There are plenty of mechanisms to make the cap work. Teams will cut players or restructure contracts to create more room. For example, the Texans recently restructured Laremy Tunsil’s deal to create $10M in cap space. The Saints cut Kwon Alexander to create $13M in space.

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