Russell Wilson Wants To Play Until He’s 45

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson turned 31 years old on Friday and he reiterated that he wants to play 14 more years — until he’s 45.

“I’ve always wanted to go for 45,” Wilson said. “That’s kind of just longevity playing. I think, for me, every year is you’re invested to your body. You’re invested into your mind, your soul, everything else. The game. As you go, you get even stronger and you get even better, I feel like. Even more wisdom. I think that helps a lot.”

Through 11 games this season, Wilson has completed 67% of his passes for 2,937 yards and 24 touchdowns with just three interceptions. He also has 271 yards and three touchdowns on the ground.

Wilson’s explained that watching Tom Brady and Derek Jeter playing into their 40’s somewhat has to do with his desire to play that long.

“I think for me, I always wanted to play until I was 40. That was kind of like when I first came into the NFL. Really, I wanted to play until I was 43 in my head. I wanted to play 20 years. My favorite athlete is Derek Jeter. I just remember when he retired, playing 20 years for the Yankees and tipping his hat and everything. Jeter is probably my favorite guy I’ve ever watched play sports. I think that 20 years is kind of in my head, to be honest with you. I’ve got a long ways to go. I’m just eight years in. I feel better than ever. That’s kind of where it started for me. Then, obviously seeing Tom do it and I’ve gotten to know Tom over the past several years and stuff like that. Just talking to him a little bit and seeing where he’s at and everything else. I think for me, it’s realistic. I feel great.”

Wilson has led the Seahawks to a 9-2 record this season, keeping alive a historic streak:

This past offseason, Wilson signed a massive 4-year, $140M extension with Seattle. The deal made Wilson the highest-paid player in the NFL, surpassing Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Seahawks play on Monday night against the 8-3 Vikings.

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