Body Camera Video Of Marshon Lattimore Arrest Released

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Saints star cornerback was arrested last month in his hometown of Cleveland for receiving stolen property. The stolen property was a loaded gun.

On Wednesday, Cleveland Police released the body camera video of the arrest. Officers assured that “no one’s gonna get beat on” and Lattimore was cooperative throughout. 

“If there’s something in here, let us know now,” an officer says. “No one’s gonna get beat on, nothing like that, OK? Just tell us if there’s a gun or anything like that in here.”

Lattimore admits that he has a loaded gun and said he did have a CCW permit. The gun was in his waistband.

You’re going to shoot your d–k off,” the officer responded. “Get yourself a holster, bro.”

Midway through the video, an officer tells Lattimore: “Dude, how much weed are you smoking?! Holy crap. You getting high all day? You can be honest. Weed is weed.”

The officers then realized that the person they’re talking to is Marshon Lattimore of the Saints.

The main officer walked back up to him. “The amount of stuff you got going for you, bro,” the policeman said. “How old are you?”

Lattimore said he’s 24.

“It’s not like you’re a f—-ing chump out there, bro,” the officer replied.

“I know,” Lattimore said. “I’m not. You feel me? I’m just back home.”

The cop responded, “I get it. You’re back home, I understand that. But being back home with people who aren’t carrying firearms the proper way makes you look, how?”

Lattimore was charged with a fourth-degree felony of receiving a stolen firearm.

The full 13-minute video is below:

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