Report: NFL Asks For 35 Percent Of Player Salaries To Be Placed In Escrow

The clock is ticking for the NFL and the NFLPA to figure out how things will work out for the 2020 season.

According to the NFL Network, the league has proposed that 35 percent of 2020 player salaries “be held in escrow” in order to help manage costs.

Essentially, a third of player salaries would be deferred until conditions get better.

The proposal is described as an option on the table if revenue is impacted by COVID-19, though it’s hard to envision players agreeing to such a deal.

NFL agent Caitlin Aoki reacted to the news with a bunch of laughing emojis:

Agent CJ Laboy is not having it.

Same goes for agent David Canter.

Agent Murphy McGuire chimed in as well.

And this is from agent Drew Rosenhaus:

The league is facing potential revenue loss from no fans in the stands and two (or no) preseason games. The NFL could be looking at a $3 billion loss by just playing games with no fans.

NFL owners recently approved allowing teams to cover seats closest to the field with a tarp and allow teams to sell advertising on them. That is expected to be one way to recoup some of the money they expect to lose.

NFL training camps are scheduled to open in three weeks. A bunch of questions have to be answered by then. 

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