Quenton Nelson Was An Absolute Monster On Sunday

We all saw Quenton Nelson’s awesome celebration on Sunday when he gathered his fellow offensive linemen for a keg stand touchdown celebration. The touchdown ultimately didn’t count (he was short of the goal line) but the celebration went viral.


But the thing not getting much attention is how well Nelson played on Sunday. 

Here’s the first clip:

Myles Jack blitzes from the right side, Nelson picks it up from his left guard position, goes around the center and gets Jack out of the way. Not only did Nelson read and pick up the blitz, he hit Myles Jack at the 7 and knocked him all the way back to the goal line. It’s unreal. Watch for yourself below. 

Here’s the second clip:

Zach Hicks of SBNation put together a clip of all his pancakes from Sunday’s game against Jacksonville. 


Nelson was a first-team All Pro in his rookie season and he continues to dominate in his second year.

Watching offensive line clips is not something the average fan does but you have to admit…. watching Nelson work is quite impressive.

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