No, There’s No Real Report That The Panthers Would Offer Three 1s and Christian McCaffrey for Deshaun Watson

By Ari Meirov

The offseason is here which means it’s that time of year when a bunch of reports and rumors are flying all over the place.

You’re going to see stuff that will catch your eye. Many people just run with what they see.

But that’s not how it should be.

You have to ask yourself if the report is reliable? Where is this coming from? Is it even a report?

Unfortunately, many people don’t do that.

Earlier today, multiple twitter accounts put out articles and tweets that the Panthers are preparing to make a strong push for Deshaun Watson and “will do whatever it takes to get Watson, including giving up three first-round draft picks and Christian McCaffrey.”

One of the tweets has circulated to the point that it has gotten over 1,000 retweets at the time of this posting.

All those websites/tweets used ESPN’s David Newton as their source.

While the Panthers are likely to be interested in Watson if he was to be made available, Newton wasn’t reporting the news.

ESPN asked their NFL Nation reporters to make bold predictions for the 2021 offseason. Newton made a prediction that the Panthers would go all out to get Watson. He wasn’t actually reporting that it will happen or the Panthers are willing to go that far.

It’s incredibly misleading and irresponsible to put it out there without checking to make sure if this is something that Newton was reporting.

Watson has requested a trade out of Houston but the Texans continue to insist that they will not move him.

Carolina showed serious interest in trading for Matthew Stafford, offering the No. 8 overall pick, Teddy Bridgewater and a fifth-round pick to Detroit. It would make sense for them to be in the mix for Watson if it ever got to that point.  

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