Daryl Morey Says An NFL Team Reached Out Before Taking 76ers Job

By Ari Meirov

Daryl Morey is well-regarded in NBA circles for his use of analytics and for frequent roster moves and sometimes league-altering gambles. He had 13 successful seasons running the Houston Rockets basketball operations before stepping down this offseason to become the General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Morey said on The Rich Eisen Show that before he took the Sixers job, an NFL team reached out to gauge his interest in joining their front office. 

“I told them I probably don’t know enough, I’ll be honest,” Morey said. “It would be very presumptive for me to think I could help an NFL team, but they did reach out. I just figure my skills are just much higher and better in the NBA, just with the experience and everything. But it was an intriguing idea.”

Morey said the team wanted to discuss potentially making him the team’s general manager.

“To be fair to them, they didn’t offer it, they just reached out to talk,” Morey said. “They could have met with me and said, ‘That guy’s an idiot’ and moved on.”

The Falcons and Texans are currently the only two teams with a GM opening.

The Rockets had the second-highest winning percentage in the 13 years with Daryl Morey as the team’s general manager and never had a losing season. Yet the Rockets never won a title or made the NBA Finals in his tenure.

An NFL team hiring an executive outside of football has happened before. In 2016, the Browns hired New York Mets baseball analytics guru Paul DePodesta as a Chief Strategy Officer.

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