Dan Snyder Accuses Co-Owner Of Extorting Him In Hopes Snyder Sells The Team

By Ari Meirov

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is calling out one of the team’s minority owners, claiming that he’s being extorted in hopes that it gets him to sell the team.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Snyder’s club paid a female former employee $1.6 million as part of a confidential settlement in 2009, after she accused Snyder of sexual misconduct on his private plane.

According to TMZ, Snyder filed a declaration stating that minority owner Dwight Schar has been threatening to leak information related to the sexual misconduct allegations made by former team employees. Snyder says Schar is aware an independent investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing, but Schar leaked the information about the case to the Washington Post and other outlets, attempting to smear him.

Snyder claims Schar told Snyder’s attorney he had a bombshell that would “kill Dan” if it came out, and added he would release it if Snyder didn’t “just sell the team.”

Snyder says, “I am fighting on multiple fronts for interests that go beyond just me, including for the Team that I love, as well as my family, and can swear to this Court that the accusations I improperly leaked information to the press are false.”

The New York Times reported last month that Schar and two other minority owners, Fred Smith and Robert Rothman, filed a lawsuit aimed at securing the ability to sell their shares collectively. The report states that Snyder has a right of first refusal as to each of the minority shares, and he exercised his ability to do so as to Smith and Rothman, but not as to Schar.

The latest Washington Post story has not gotten as much attention in the NFL world. Instead, Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins attending a private party without a mask after Sunday’s loss has garnered most of the headlines in Washington and the national sports media.

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