Patrick Mahomes On Being Sacked For A 30-Yard Loss: I Swear It Works On Madden Every Time!

Patrick Mahomes set another record on Sunday, but it’s not a record you want to hold.

Early in the second-quarter against the Dolphins, Mahomes dropped back, and dropped back even more, and eventually Jerome Baker caught up to him for a whopping 30-yard sack.

According to Pro Football Reference, it’s the biggest loss on an offensive play in NFL history that didn’t involve a fumble or an intentional safety.

Mahomes had the perfect response to the play: “I swear it works on Madden every time!”

Despite the 30-yard sack and Mahomes throwing three interceptions on the day, the Chiefs came back and held on to win 33-27 over Miami.

Mahomes was 24/34 passing for 393 yards and two touchdowns.

With the win, the Chiefs also clinched the AFC West for the fifth consecutive season and they took the No. 1 seed in the AFC after Pittsburgh lost on Sunday Night Football.

As bad as the play was, at least it wasn’t this bad.

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