Teams Not In Hurry To Sign Earl Thomas

The Ravens released safety Earl Thomas on Sunday for “personal conduct that has adversely affected” the team. 

Immediately after the news came out, multiple reports surfaced that the Cowboys would have interest. 

Thomas, a Texas native, has never hidden his desire to play for the Cowboys. He chased former Dallas coach Jason Garrett to the Cowboys locker room to tell Garrett to “come get me” after a game in 2017.

But the Cowboys and other teams around the league don’t seem to be in a rush to sign Thomas.

“I’m not getting the vibe initially that the Cowboys are rushing to do anything with him,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on his podcast. “I think the market for Earl Thomas might not be as robust as some people seem to think. They want to know what happened in Baltimore, why that relationship went sour, the circumstances that led to his release. And because of that, I don’t think teams are exactly rushing to go sign Earl Thomas at this point and time. I think teams are trying to get more information before they make any move, and I think Dallas is in that category, making calls across the league and not necessarily loving what they are initially hearing.”

Thomas’ tenure in Baltimore was a rocky one. He reportedly was late for meetings. Last year, he got into a heated exchange with defensive tackle Brandon Williams in the training room following a loss to the Browns. In April, Thomas was involved in a domestic incident with his wife. Friday’s incident with Chuck Clark was the last straw for Baltimore.

Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy spoke to local reporters on Monday and said that he discussed Thomas with VP of Player Personnel Will McClay, but that the team is comfortable with how things currently stand.

“We’re very confident in where we are with the 80-man roster. I have nothing really to report,” McCarthy said.

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