Gronk’s Agent: I Wouldn’t Be Shocked If He (Gronk) Came Back To Play A Few Games

After two years of contemplating retirement, Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski announced on Sunday that he’s stepping away from the game of football after nine seasons.

The 29 year old TE has endured a number of major injuries throughout his career, including three back surgeries, four arm surgeries, knee surgery, ankle surgery and a couple of reported concussions. He hasn’t played a full 16-game regular season since 2011.

But his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, says it’s not a sure thing that Gronk is done playing football. Rosenhaus told Peter King of NBC Sports that it wouldn’t shock him if Gronkowski decided to come back before the year is over.

Rosenhaus doubled down and said the same thing on ESPN’s Get Up:

“If the team was struggling or they needed him at some point next year, and let’s just say hypothetically Tom Brady gave him a call and said ‘Rob, I need you.’ I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back to play a few games.”

Star players have retired and come back to play in the past. Jason Witten was out of football last season and decided to come back this offseason. MarShawn Lynch recently did the same and Brett Favre did it twice. Randy Moss, Ricky Williams and Randall Cunningham have done the same as well.

Gronk will turn 30 years old in May. The Patriots don’t have a legitimate TE on their roster as of now. 

For the time being, Gronkowski is a retired man. We’ll see if that remains the same when October/November rolls around.

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