Deandre Baker’s Attorney Says They Will Sue Quinton Dunbar’s Attorney For Recent Tweet

Things are getting ugly in the legal situation involving Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar.

Michael Grieco, the attorney for Quinton Dunbar, posted a private message and photo on Twitter late Wednesday night.

Grieco tweeted a private message sent to Dunbar from someone he claims was at a party a few days before the alleged incident: “You missed some good money yesterday bro dolphin players Dre baker even beat him we beat him out of 10k on the game and then it’s was shooting dice bout another 60k out there.’’ Grieco wrote that this proves Dunbar was not at the gambling get-together.

Baker’s name is in the text and there are some who might think Baker is also the one pictured in the photo. Baker’s attorney, Patrick Patel, says that could be construed as damaging to his client and they will take action. 

“Baker is going to immediately file a lawsuit against Grieco for libel and slander, making everybody believe that Baker is in that picture, because his name is in the text,’’ Patel told The New York Post.   

Patel plans to go after Grieco for “tens of millions of dollars,” he told

The picture shows one larger man sitting at a table and another man standing next to him, with one high stack of cash and a smaller stack of cash on the table. The man standing up, wearing a short-sleeve red shirt with tattoos on his right arm and possibly on his left arm, could be seen as possibly being Baker. 

“The text is complete bulls–t,’’ Patel said. “Read the text. You can say anybody is that person. Wasn’t it everybody’s bulls–t at the beginning that my client Baker lost $70,000? Now go read the text. The text is saying Baker won $10,000. So what are we doing? Look at the size of the arms and the tats,’’ Patel said. “It’s not him.’’’

Patel said he also has a video from that gambling party that shows Baker was not in attendance.

“DeAndre has no knowledge of anybody in those texts, who sent it, to who,’’ Patel said. “Let the guy come forward. I cannot wait to get Grieco on the stand and cross-examine him on how he got that text, who he got the text from.’’

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