Sunday, August 18, 2019 6:28 pm EDT

Kyler Murray Wants $15M From Oakland Athletics To Stick With Baseball, Otherwise He’ll Enter The NFL Draft

The Oakland Athletics met today with Kyler Murray in hopes of persuading him to forego the NFL and play baseball for them. According to Mike Leslie of WFAA in DallasKyler Murray is seeking  $15M from the Athletics or else he plans to enter the 2019 NFL Draft. The deadline to enter is Monday. 

MLB sent marketing executives from the league office to attend the meeting and present information regarding Murray’s off-field earning potential, according to JP Morosi of Major League Baseball would waive a rule that prevents teams from giving major league contracts to recently drafted players if Murray and the A’s can strike a deal that would have him choose baseball over football, Jeff Passan of ESPN reports.

A $15M contract for Kyler Murray would be on par with him being the 14th pick in the NFL draft, per OverTheCap.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Thursday that the A’s expect Murray to declare for the NFL draft. A source tells the Chronicle that Murray is leaning toward football.

According to Leslie, the A’s are “doing everything they can” to keep Murray.

ESPN reported today that NFL GMs anticipate Murray to declare for the draft. Murray will then have 72 hours to change his mind.

Murray would make more than the $4.66 million he got from the Athletics if he ends up being a first-round pick. If Murray pursues an NFL career, he would have to return his $4.66M signing bonus.

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