Report: Giants Think Kyler Murray Is “A Little Too Small”

Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray made it official today, announcing he’s all in on being an NFL QB. All QB needy teams now have assurance that he won’t bolt back to baseball.

One team searching for a QB is the Giants. According to Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, Murray  is “a little too small” for the Giants to consider taking him. 

 “They prefer to stick to the established measurables they have for a prototypical QB,” Vacchiano adds in his report.

The Giants currently hold the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. 

Murray, who is listed as 5′”10, is coming off a season in which he won the Heisman Trophy. The Giants are yet to decide on what they’ll do with Eli Manning. 6′”3 Dwayne Haskins, 6′”4 Drew Lock, and 6′”5 Daniel Jones appear to be likelier candidates to eventually take over for Eli, the report adds.

Murray will attend the combine later this month in Indianapolis. His Pro Day is scheduled for March 13th.

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  1. That’s because in socks he’s only about 5’9″, or nearly 3″ shorter than Drew Brees, the current most successful “short” QB. Murray gets a lot of credit for his throwing motion and distance (hes’ been coached on it since he was a kid by his dad), but when you can’t see over the lines, it’s a tough road to hoe. I think he gets picked in the first round, but it’ll be a terrible mistake by whichever team is desperate enough to take a flyer on him. Also, the guy has never really taken many big hits. Only played one full season of CFB against weak Big 12 defenses.

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