Landon Collins Is Still Taking Shots At Dave Gettleman

Redskins safety Landon Collins has made it clear over the last couple of years that he is not a fan of Giants general manager Dave Gettleman.

Collins is not done with the topic. While having a Twitter Q&A, Collins was asked if he’d rather be quarantined with Gettleman for a week or have all his kids go to LSU instead of Alabama, which is his alma mater.

Gettleman let Collins walk in free agency in 2018 without making an offer. 

Collins has gone as far as to call Gettleman a liar.

“He’s a liar. He lied to everybody. So that’s a man I do not trust. I would hope nobody else would, too.”

Before a game against the Giants last season, Collins warned Gettleman not to get close during pregame warmups.

“I would try to tell one of my defensive back coaches, throw the ball in that direction. Give him a nice little thud, a little run over,” Collins said.

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