Antonio Brown Working Out With Lamar Jackson & Marquise Brown

Antonio Brown has been fairly quiet as of late, which is definitely a good thing.

He’s been working on music and continues to train and keep his body in football shape. 

Who’s he working out with? The NFL MVP.

Brown posted videos on Instagram of him working out with Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Marquise Brown, the cousin of Antonio Brown, is also there.


Some people thought Antonio Brown would make sense in Tampa Bay with Tom Brady, but coach Bruce Arians shut down that idea.

Brown had four catches for 56 yards and a touchdown in one game with Tom Brady in 2019. He hasn’t played since.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler was on this week’s MySportsUpdate Football Podcast and explained that there are some obstacles Brown has to get through before making it back to the NFL.

“Well, I think he has to get suspended first, Fowler said. That’s the issue. If teams know he’s suspended six games, then at least they can work around that and sign him for the last 10 games. He’s not even at that point because to get suspended, he has to pass some league protocols and go to counseling. As far as I know, that hasn’t happened yet. 

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