Antonio Brown: “I Don’t Even Have To Play Football. I’m Perfectly Fine With Walking Away Fully Healthy.”

Antonio Brown is likely going to be traded in the coming weeks but he’s not helping the Steelers with his comments.

During a sit-down interview with ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, Brown said he doesn’t need football in his life but still wants it.

“I don’t even have to play football if I don’t want. I don’t even need the game. I don’t need to prove nothing to anyone. If they wanna play, they going to play by my rules. If not, I don’t need to play. Obviously, I want the game, but I don’t need the game. It’s a difference.”

Brown continued…

“I’m a millionaire…. I’m an entrepreneur. I don’t need to prove anything,” Brown said. I’m perfectly fine with walking away fully healthy. The Steelers already gave me five contracts including extensions. Almost $100 million and change. If I retire right now, I think I’m great.

 Brown also said he expects to be traded  before March 17 when the Steelers owe him a $2.5M roster bonus.

“Why wouldn’t they not trade me? They gotta pay me $2.5 million on March 17. If I invoice you March 17, $2.5 million that you gotta pay me, would you pay it or would you get somebody else to pay it? So it’s what — pretty much what’s good for their business. They want to start a fresh offseason with no bad blood so their team could just focus on football. No distraction from any player. So I think they’ll get it done.”

According to ESPN, the Steelers want a first-round pick for AB. The Raiders, Titans and Redskins have been linked to Brown as a potential trade partner.

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